Identification And Improvement Of 044 Fuel Pump Noise Sources Based On Order Analysis

Date: 2020-12-15        Clicks: 1183


The fuel system of an automobile is an important part of an automobile, of which the 044 fuel pump is the core component of the system and one of the main noise sources of the automobile. The 044 fuel pump is a component requiring high precision, and the mechanism of its noise generation is quite complicated, such as mechanical noise, electromagnetic noise, fluid noise and so on. The 044 fuel pump is a relatively stable rotating machinery and common faults can be diagnosed by extracting its characteristic frequency order using ordinary spectrum analysis based onFFT. Compound faults in a variable speed gearbox containing localised gear and bearing faults were analysed using order analysis" to effectively extract the fault characteristics. Also studied the hardware order analysis method and computational order analysis method ordinary spectral order analysis method, by rotating part stability and other factors, the order magnitude of the magnitude will change, so it can not accurately identify the noise source. It is not conducive to the improvement of 044 fuel pump noise, thus affecting the sound quality of the whole vehicle. In this paper, the order analysis of 044 fuel pump noise and its order summation are used to effectively identify the fault characteristics, improve the noise of the 044 fuel pump and enhance the quality of the vehicle.


1 Theory

1.1 Order analysis

1.2 Sound pressure level theory

1.3 Order analysis of 044 fuel pumps

2 Trial validation

2.1 Identification of noise sources

2.2 Verification of countermeasure improvement

3 Summary

In this paper, the 044 fuel pump noise is effectively identified by extracting the order noise of the 044 fuel pump and introducing the noise summation algorithm. And by optimizing the 044 fuel pump noise and transmission path, it effectively solves the "humming" noise in an SUV. By optimising the 044 fuel pump noise and the transmission path, the buzzing noise in an SUV is effectively solved and the ride quality is improved.


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