Is present a relationship between car fuel consumption and Oxygen sensors?

Date: 2021-04-01        Clicks: 509

Answer: Damage to the oxygen sensor does cause an increase in fuel consumption!

The oxygen sensor is divided into front oxygen and rear oxygen, the front oxygen is to monitor the combustion situation, the rear oxygen is to monitor whether the three-way catalytic converter is working properly. The front oxygen is also called the air-fuel ratio sensor. The air-fuel ratio refers to the ratio of air to fuel mixture, the theoretical air-fuel ratio is 14.7:1. That is, every 1 gram of gasoline burned completely requires 14.7 grams of air.

If the oxygen sensor is faulty, the oxygen level in the exhaust pipe cannot be determined, which means that closed-loop control cannot be formed. In other words, without the feedback signal from the oxygen sensor, the engine ECU only knows to inject oil and air intake but does not know whether the oil and air are appropriate, which leads to insufficient fuel, and the ECU does not know, so the fuel consumption will naturally increase.