Why use ethanol E85?

Date: 2021-05-16        Clicks: 230

Use of ethanol E85 is an optimal solution for areas where it is difficult or impossible to import enough petrol, ethanol E85 is the only viable solution for the fuel, which can be manufactured with a variety of materials, including sugar cane, maize and residual cellulose (abundant in areas where there is a lot of agriculture).

There are some other advantages E85 has over conventional gasoline:

The E85 is an octane number higher than petrol, so it can be used with higher compression-ignition engines. Specifically, vehicles using forced induction can obtain a significant increase in power from the E85.

E85 produces less CO2 in exhaust fumes.

The E85 has the potential to be produced in a more sustainable way than petrol.

Flex fuel vehicles can use both E85 and petrol, making them more versatile than normal vehicles.

Vehicles E85

Vehicles using ethanol E85 as fuel are specially tuned for use with ethanol or are "Flex Fuel" vehicles. Flex Fuel vehicles can use both fuels as their engines are able to adapt to optimize transmission for both fuels. Gas-only vehicles need different parts of the power supply and different arrangements to be able to use E85. Because E85 is conductive, unlike petrol, it can cause problems with the fuel pump. Some metals may also corrode in contact with ethanol.

Poland E85

While there are numerous advantages for E85, some disputes have emerged with its growing popularity in the United States. In the United States, ethanol E85 is mainly produced with maize.

E85 is a vital fuel and as it becomes more sustainable than petrol, its popularity will increase.