Test method for fuel pump performance

Date: 2020-12-03        Clicks: 294

I would like to share with you how to test the performance of fuel pump.

Some hard faults (such as not working, etc.) of automobile fuel pump are easier to judge, but some intermittent soft faults are harder to judge. In this regard, the performance of the fuel pump can be judged by the method of detecting the working current of the fuel pump with the automobile digital multimeter, the specific method is as follows.

(1) Put the automobile digital multimeter in the current block, press the function key (SELECT) to adjust to DC (DC) block, and then connect the two pens in series in the connection line of the detected fuel pump.

(2) Start the engine. When the fuel pump is working, press the dynamic recording key (MAX/MIN) of the automobile digital multimeter to automatically record the maximum and minimum values of the current when the fuel pump is working. By comparing the detected data with the normal values, the cause of the failure can be determined.

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