Racing rally

Date: 2019-10-25        Clicks: 1727

The Zhangye·China Rally was kicked off on July 26, 2019 in Zhangye, Gansu, 
the “City of Wetlands, the Capital of Racing”. At the opening ceremony of the opening ceremony, 
the MYH Racing racing pump boosted the bass shell and the fleet quickly appeared again, 
slowly passing through the grid. The trip took 721.74 kilometers, including 236.26 kilometers of competition roads, 
all of which were gravel roads. High altitude, high temperature and high intensity will be a huge challenge for the drivers, 
and it is also the best stage to interpret the speed, endurance and energy of the MYH Racing fuel pump.
 The German brand MYH Racing fuel pump, which focuses on the engine system power field for 10 years:
1. Matched to the world-renowned racing cars, classic cars, ATVs and other special-purpose engines of HOLLEY, APR, British Protec and so on.
2. Dedicated to the Chinese Automobile Rally Championship (CRC) professional team, and also the partner of FAST4WARD, the most influential sports culture event in China.

3. Special performance racing pump assembly custom and modified car EFI system engine design and development capabilities, only for the racing engine power.