Powerful Engine ,Powerful Team

Date: 2020-06-02        Clicks: 1372

This epidemic made everything late.
In previous years, Credit parts  team held a walking tour in February or march to Train our physical fitness and improve our endurance.
This year's hike slowly kicked off last Friday.

Our team gathered at the Longwantan Scenic Area in Wenzhou at 2.30 pm, passing the cable bridge, steep slope, gentle slope, waterfall, and glass plank road. It took three hours to conquer this national 5A level scenic spot.
In the process, everyone helped each other and no one left the team. Even when going down the mountain, the calves tremble and the knees have headaches, everyone is overwhelmed.

Does every member of the creditparts team also have a 525lph fuel pump inside their body?
Indeed doubtful.