How to judge whether you have bought a qualified injector test machine?

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See the picture and say something About the fuel injection nozzle testing machine.

Some customers feedback why our prices are higher than some suppliers. In order to better let customers understand our products, we bought a competitor's machine and made a detailed comparison. (If you also have a machine, you can also compare): You can see the following products from other homes:

1 Adapter: plastic parts, easy to damage. Ours is copper.

2. Pulse line: The plastic of the wire joint is easy to corrode and the life is short.

3. Tubing: The material is fragile, easy to corrode, and not pressure resistant.


4. Internal structure: The wires are exposed and extremely dangerous. Our wire outer insulator is all inclusive


our suggestion:
Ten vehicles were inspected and the test fluid was replaced to avoid excessive impurities affecting the life of the pump.
Under normal circumstances, the service life of our machine can exceed ten years.

----------------------Wenzhou creditparts team