How to effectively clean fuel injectors?

Date: 2021-04-25        Clicks: 824

How to effectively clean fuel injectors? 

There are various methods to clean the injectors, methods that we recommend to put into practice before all the symptoms listed in the previous paragraph begin to manifest:

  • Fill with gasoline already added: each petrol distributor has, among its product range, mixtures already added with substances that help to clean the injectors; Filling with these every five/10thousand km, you can be quite sure you have clean injectors and engine performance. It is the cheapest solution, but it is not always enough to eliminate the problem.

  • Add the specific additives for cleaning the injectors to the full of gasoline: there are additives for gasoline or gasoil that you can easily find in the specialist car spare shops where you will get the one that best suits the characteristics of your car. Use them is very simple: in an almost empty tank, add the additive, then fill up.

  • A trusted mechanic is responsible for the manual cleaning: the last road to be taken (but also the only one that guarantees certain results at 100%) is the intervention of a specialist workshop capable of disassembling the engine, manually removing the injectors and carrying out the cleaning manually.

Thanks to proper maintenance and cleaning your injectors will have a long life, but this does not remove that they are not eternal: they usually need to be replaced before 150.000 Km routes.