Happy Thanksgiving Day

Date: 2020-11-26        Clicks: 1087

Today is Thanksgiving Day, we should be thankful for everything around us.Thank your parents, thank your friends for being with you all the time, thank everyone around you.

Thanksgiving is a family holiday, and husbands and wives, children and the elderly from town to town, from town to town, from town to village, come home to spend the holiday all over the country.People who can't get home also make long distance calls to talk to their parents and family members and share their gratitude.Thanksgiving dinner is practically the same all over the country.The table is always full of all kinds of delicious food.Turkey, of course.Pumpkin pie is a gift to remember that the Indians gave to the first settlers.

In most families, some traditional games are played after dinner.Thanksgiving is a joyous celebration, a time for family reunions, and a time to renew friendships.Share the joy of Thanksgiving with others and thank God for his grace.That's what Thanksgiving is all about. I like such festivals very much. As we grow older, we are busy with our lives.It's because of holidays like this that we take time out to be with our families.